The Way of Authority and Power

The Way of Authority and Power tells how God guided a young boy through the pain of his grandmother’s death from cancer and taught him, as he grew up, to see His divine power and authority working in people’s lives today. Author Rick Rannie shares his experience of coming to perceive God’s healing at work in the lives of people suffering from a variety of maladies just as in His healing worked in the lives of people in the Bible. The Way of Authority and Power begins by uncovering the riches in the Scriptures that reassure believers that God’s authority and power are their inheritance as His children. Rannie goes on to offer helpful and practical insights for how to live and move under the authority and power of the Lord. Written with both teenagers and adults in mind, The Way of Authority and Power presents a simple and clear message that uplifts and encourages all who serve in healing and miracle ministries. It suggests that God is leading the church to the beginning of a great healing movement. The time is coming when Christians everywhere will speak of the healing that Jesus does through the hearts and hands of His people.
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