Beyond the Glory of God

In Psalms 63:2, King David’s prayer was to see God’s glory and power as he had seen the Lord in the sanctuary. He was not alone in wishing to witness this wondrous event, and we, too, can become a part of God’s glory.

Deeply uplifting, Beyond the Glory of God presents a simple and clear message that uplifts and encourages all who are seeking to experience the full extent of the Lord’s glory. Author Rick Rannie shares how he came to perceive God’s glory and what lies beyond it, giving insight into its purpose and benefits. He uncovers the process through which God takes all His saints—a process that includes coming to know God’s life, glory, and kingdom.

Each section focuses on a specific aspect of the full extent of God’s glory and includes questions for further study. Through the examination of key Scriptures, Rannie demonstrates why and how we come into the glory of God. He shows how we can go a step further in our faith by living with the Father and Son in His holy kingdom to continually experience God’s glory.

For those seeking an uplifting Bible study or wishing to deepen their faith, Beyond the Glory of God goes beyond the basics of Christianity to dig deep into the kingdom of God.
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